"I’ve been entirely impressed by [Pete's] playing: light yet forceful, tasty yet explosive when needed. Pete listens and responds in the most heartening ways, and he makes soloists and ensembles soar with subtle, sonically varied playing. When he’s given a chorus or two on his own, his solos have shape and flavor."

Michael Steinman

"The Pete Siers Trio’s is likely to knock you on your ass. Pete’s extraordinary command of the drum kit is the direct result of a lifelong devotion to Krupa and a sanguine pantheon of drummers from all over the traditional spectrum. Watching him at work is always a gas. The overall effect is that of a vitamin shot and several deep breaths of fresh night air garnished with black coffee and tiramisu. For selection, interpretation, inspiration, and sheer musicianship, what the Pete Siers Trio has given us here is an exceptionally wonderful offering."

Arwulf Arwulf

"This trio has undergone years of crafting, studying, perfecting, and performing these tunes; they eloquently proved their mastery over each and every one. Each member of the group exerts a ferocious amount of energy, matching the thrill of big band stylings. The Pete Siers Trio speaks to listeners with a multitude of great rhythms and general musicality. This is what draws in young, old, jazzers, hip-hoppers, funk groovers, rappers, and trappers. The Pete Siers Trio has created a gem for all to behold."

Hannon Hylkema, The Communicator